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CSI has the knowledge, the experience and the staff to provide a wide range of services to support your accounting software implementations.  We provide professional training, design and development of Access, SQL, Excel, Bar Code, scanning, internet integration and other business software. 

The CSI Advantage:

  • Industry Experience
  • Competitive Pricing Industry Specialists 
  • State-of-the-Art Tools Proven Methodologies 
  • Strong experience with Mid-Market Solutions


Software Implementations

CSI can provide full implementation of Open Systems Accounting Software or Traverse Accounting Software. If another package is selected, CSI can guide you through the implementation using proven Project Management skills and tools.

CSI will work with its hardware and software development partners to make sure your systems are ready for the implementation.

Data Conversion

CSI can also assist you with data conversion from existing legacy or name-brand software.

Support and Training

If you choose Open Systems products, you will receive discounted rates for support and training through your Continuous Enhancement Subscription.

CSI can also conduct on-site training for if you desire.

Organizational Change Consulting

CSI can work with your organization to adopt practices and procedures that will improve the success of your implementation efforts. The primary reason for ERP implementation failure is not the software or hardware. It is people's resistance to change.

CSI's Organizational Approach would include mentoring your managers on change leadership, developing effective communication, risk assessments and risk mitigation plans.